Heritage Park Aquatics Complex
310 S. Racetrack Road
Henderson, NV 89015

Gail is an independent contractor at this facility, so all registrations must be completed through ISR.

Private Facility
Located at I-11 and the Wagonwheel Exit in the southeast corner of Henderson. Gail teaches at her home from May through September in her heated pool.

The hours that Gail teaches varies. Please contact her to find out the current times.
If you do not live close to the locations that Gail teaches at then you can log in to www.infantswim.com and enter your zip code in the instructor locater.

If there is not an instructor in your area, then please join our National Waiting List at www.infantswim.com. As soon as there are 30 parents in your area interested in the program and registered on the waiting list, a Certified Instructor will contact you and will travel to your area to teach ISR self-rescue skills to your child and others in your community.

For lessons outside the U.S., please contact the national ISR office at www.infantswim.com.

In our efforts to provide instructors in your area, we are also looking to add to our certified instructor team. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an instructor, please visit our instructor information site: www.isrcareers.com.

ISR is an extraordinary program and we are constantly striving to expand in order to eradicate the child drowning epidemic facing our children.